Dental Care

Take Care of Your Pet’s Pearly Whites.

You wouldn’t dream of going your entire life without seeing a dentist, so why wouldn’t you take your pet to the vet for dental care? If your pet doesn’t receive appropriate dental services, they will likely develop problems like bad breath and tooth discoloration. And while these issues seem minor, they often lead to more severe issues when not addressed. Without regular cleanings and examinations, most pets suffer from some form of periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. Here at [center name], we provide comprehensive pet dental care in Porter areas, and are here to keep your furry friend’s teeth and gums in good condition. From cleanings and exams to extractions, we do it all!

Vet examining dog's teeth.

Why Dental Care Matters

Without proper preventive dental cleanings, your pet could experience pain, difficulty eating, and infections as a result of poor dental health. Infections originating in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, too, and travel to other parts of your pet’s body. They can cause heart, liver, and kidney disease and even lead to premature death.

Vet examining dog's teeth.

Anasthetic Dental Cleanings

To ensure your pet is receiving the best possible dental care, our team performs anasthetic dental cleanings. When your pet is under anasthesia, we can not only clean their teeth fully but we can also clean below the gum line, where bacteria may be hiding. The anasthesia also allows us to perform any extractions that may be needed without scheduling a separate procedure.

Cat receiving an xray

Dental X-Rays

We perform dental x-rays or dental radiographs with every dental cleaning. Dental radiographs also enable us to see what's happening deep within your pet's mouth and may identify issues we otherwise would miss. Just like x-rays are standard for human dentistry, dental x-rays for pets are crucial to getting a full picture of their oral health.

Dog holding ball

Pet Dental Care at Exceptional Pets

For help turning your pet’s smile into the brightest grin in the [city name] areas, turn to the tartar-tackling team at [center name]. Give us a call to discuss the details on how we can improve your furry pal’s smile and schedule a dental appointment.